About NoodlePetz® Pool Toys

About NoodlePetz® Pool Toys

About NoodlePetz® Pool Toys — Our Story

NoodlePetz® pool toys, animal themed head & tail sets that easily attach to standard pool noodles, were born in the imagination of Florida artist Andrea McKoy in the summer of 2011 while swimming in a pool with her niece on a family vacation. She envisioned almost instantly how she would create different animals that would transform a boring pool noodle into fun critters you could ride.

Andrea returned to her studio and began to sketch, and before long a comical dragon was looking back from the page. Not long afterwards the dragon was joined by other fun friends—a seahorse and parrot. New designs include a unicorn. Visit her virtual studio to see more.

NoodlePetz pool toys are artistically designed by hand with 3D features and are sizable enough to suggest a distinctive personality and have a realistic comical appearance. Each style includes the standard NoodlePetz expressive eyes and long lashes. These friendly faces are also instrumental in aquatic therapy environments, encouraging youngsters that may otherwise be afraid of the water and making the workout more fun.

NoodlePetz are manufactured of colorful soft yet firm foam and designed for multiple seasons of outdoor use. Guaranteed not to deflate, no inflating required!

Use your noodle for FUN and get your NoodlePetz set today!

Andrea McKoy

Andrea McKoy

Founder & Creator, NoodlePetz®

Meet our Founder
Andrea McKoy is the founder and creator of NoodlePetz® animal pool noodle toys. She employs her 18+ years of Visual Communications experience as she does her artistic influence, into the design and manufacturing of NoodlePetz.

“It is a very similar process to producing a print piece”, says Andrea, “except on a much larger scale and includes involved logistics challenges. I am proud of NoodlePetz® and of what I have learned and have been able to accomplish. Many people never see their visions become reality and I have.”

She attributes the creation of NoodlePetz to her combination of experience not only as the prior Visual Display and Merchandising Manager for Burdines Department Stores, but also as a Graphic Designer and artist.