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Unique & artistically designed pool toys

We Designed our Pool Toys with Quality in Mind

Are you tired of searching? Of looking everywhere for a well-made pool toy…one that lasts more than one Summer? Well look no further.

We designed NoodlePetz as a durable toy that with proper care will last more than one season. No need to inflate or deflate to store. All you need is a fresh pool noodle and you are good to go!

Why Choose Us

Longevity & Value

Designed to last longer—our pool toys are more fun and as an added bonus a great value too!

Creative Designs

Designed by artist Andrea McKoy, each character has similar characteristics—large eyes and expressive features. Oversized and 3D makes NoodlePetz more lifelike. Designed without the attached noodle since noodles break down quickly and NoodlePetz do not….switch colors easily or even mix up the characters and create your own.

Instant Fun

Grab your NoodlePetz and a pool noodle and you are set. No need to inflate just slide them on and go!

When Imagination Comes to Life

We have worked hard to bring you our best pool toy and we hope you like them too! The journey began with our first concept in 2011 and after long searching, prototyping and testing we offered our first product, Raku the Dragon for sale at the end of Summer 2016—and now in 2018 our second style Piper the Seahorse is here. We continue to bring our imaginative creatures to life. See how they get their start.

How to Use Your Noodle

Our Founder

NoodlePetz were born in the imagination of Florida artist Andrea McKoy—she envisioned almost instantly how she would create different animals that would transform a boring pool noodle into fun critters you could ride.

ASTRA - American Specialty Toy Retailer Association

ASTRA - American Specialty Toy Retailer Association


Andrea McKoy

Andrea McKoy


Women in Toys

Women in Toys


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