Let’s do our part to prevent drownings.

May is water safety month. For Florida it is year-round. Pool Safely @PoolSafely recently reported that a study by the @SwimFoundation indicates Florida leads the nation with 6 child drownings overall this year, 5 of which occurred in March. So lets do our part and prevent drownings.

Here are the first 7 water safety tips—7 tips for the first 7 days of May. You can find all 31 tips on ProtectAChild.com:

  1. Remove toys from in our around pool when not in use. Good for children and pets.
  2. Be sure to always assign a #WaterWatcher when children are swimming.
  3. Learn to swim—your never too old!
  4. Stay up to date on your CPR techniques
  5. Install a mesh pool fence.
  6. Keep pool and patio area well lit.
  7. Babysitters should know CPR, swim and practice pool safety.

Join us next week for the next seven tips.