Pool & Spa Safety Tips

Pool & Spa Safety Tips

NoodlePetz® encourages safe water play!

Our NoodlePetz are an accessory to pool noodles and are not intended to be used as a safety floatation device.

We at NoodlePetz advocate responsible pool play for you and your family members and encourage following these general water safety tips from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. These tips can help you keep your child safe in and around your home, pools and spas.

General Water Safety Tips

• Young children (and pets) are irresistibly drawn to water.
Remove all toys from pools when not in use to avoid children and pets from being tempted to retrieve them.

• Don’t rely on substitutes.
The use of flotation devices and inflatable toys cannot replace parental/caregiver supervision. Such devices can suddenly shift position, lose air or slip out from underneath a child, creating a drowning hazard.

• Maintain constant supervision.
Watch children around any water environment (pool, stream, lake, tub, hot tub, toilet, bucket of water), no matter what skills your child has acquired and no matter how shallow the water.

• Never leave a child unobserved in a pool.
Adult supervision is essential and all non-swimmers should be kept within reach. A parent’s/caregiver’s eyes must be on the child at all times.

Enroll children in a water safety course or learn-to-swim program as young as you feel is appropriate. No one is “drownproof,” but water skills and behaviors can be learned.

Parents/caregivers should take an infant and child CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) course. Knowing these skills is important around the water and will expand your capabilities to provide care for your child… it’s a simple step that can save a life.