See how NoodlePetz get their start.

Our Studio

If you are like us, you have often wondered “How did they make that?”. And if that is you then you are most likely familiar with the popular show “How things are Made” to help us curious Georges see into these processes. We wanted to share our process so you can see firsthand how NoodlePetz® characters get their start.

NoodlePetz animal pool noodle toys all begin as handcrafted designs drawn by artist Andrea McKoy. Join her in the toy design studio as she demonstrates how they begin their 3D existence as clay models, and once completed are 3D scanned into a digital format before the molding process for manufacturing begins.


Unicorn head in progress—slowly building up the clay, being sure to keep the weight evenly distributed.

Unicorn Head & Tail

Our Unicorn head and tail design in progress…ready for smoothing and detailing.

Zeke the Parrot

Zeke needed a new tail, this one has to be one of my favorites!

What’s in a Name?

Do you have a great idea for a name for our Unicorn?
What color should it be?

If your idea is chosen you will win a free NoodlePetz Dragon or Seahorse set!